I decided to persevere with the  knitting of the hat, because I know I can do it and once it is done I can knit something else out of  the 246 wonderful knitting patterns already in my Ravelry queue.  The hardest part will be choosing what to knit next.  I don’t have cable needles, so am using double-pointed one of the same size to do the cables – kind of awkward, but I suspect that I wouldn’t feel all that more comfortable even with the cable needle as this is my first attempt at cables.  However if I get through it, I’ll gift myself some cable needles so I can do Georgie Hallam’s Milo – maybe three of them in matching yarn in 4 year old, 3 months old and doll sizes.

The solution to my ever growing Ravelry queue seem to be to add more crochet patterns as I managed to get two crochet items started and finished in a very short time.

Wristies for my daughter to keep her hands warm while scooting. She also wants leg-warmers and neck-warmer, please don’t mention to her any other warmers, because she’ll want one for herself.

String with spiders on the both ends to tie my Halloween spider-web cape.


I haven’t backed-up my computer files for about three years. I previously worked in IT, so I know only too well the importance of making at least one regularly, but somehow it was never getting to the top of my To Do list. Last month my husband got me an external harddrive, which was the push to just sit down one evening and to back up everything. Was I glad to have a copy of all my files and photos when a week later our house was burgled and my laptop stolen.

I have a new laptop now thanks to the insurance company and am slowly adapting it to my needs and likes. During my forced break from the online world I managed to get few craft things done.

Rainbow necklace
Every time I wore my Chinese knot necklace my daughter would “borrow” it or ask for one of her own. During last Australian holiday I found the rainbow coloured cord at Clegs and got just enough to make one necklace, because my daughter likes anything multi-coloured, but everyone else would probably find it too colourful (or so I thought at the time). Since I wanted it to be a surprise for her I could only work on it after she went to bed. I’m glad to say that she loves it and wears it often (unlike some of the other things I made for her). I like it as well and wish I bought more cord as I would love to have a cheerful necklace to brighten up some of my plainer outfits.
Rainbow Necklace Close-up

I finally got around to making more items for my daughter’s fruit&veg basket, which I started about a year ago. I still have to make an apple, a pear, an aubergine and some strawberries. I suspect by the time I’ll get around to making them there will be few more new requests to add to the list.
Crochet Toy Food
Pattern for Peas in the Pod by Lindsey Lee, the rest are from Crocheted Fruits and Vegetables Basket by Michele Wilcox
Yarn: Rowan Cotton Glace
Crochet Hook: 3mm

Half of Celestine
I managed to crochet half of Celestine (it supposed to have 12 points), which was in my Ravelry queue for about 2 years.
Pattern: Celestine
Yarn: Rowan Cotton Glace
Hook: 3mm

Shawl WIP
I made some progress on knitting a shawl. I’m separating each leaf with a stitch marker, but after three repeats I run out. So now I’m debating if I should make more stitch markers (and maybe some earrings) or brave knitting without them.

Sourdough bread
And I finally successful made a starter and baked white sourdough bread. It tasted delicious and today I’m trying a bit more interesting recipes and looking forward to having a nice sandwich (or two) for dinner.