I decided to persevere with the  knitting of the hat, because I know I can do it and once it is done I can knit something else out of  the 246 wonderful knitting patterns already in my Ravelry queue.  The hardest part will be choosing what to knit next.  I don’t have cable needles, so am using double-pointed one of the same size to do the cables – kind of awkward, but I suspect that I wouldn’t feel all that more comfortable even with the cable needle as this is my first attempt at cables.  However if I get through it, I’ll gift myself some cable needles so I can do Georgie Hallam’s Milo – maybe three of them in matching yarn in 4 year old, 3 months old and doll sizes.

The solution to my ever growing Ravelry queue seem to be to add more crochet patterns as I managed to get two crochet items started and finished in a very short time.

Wristies for my daughter to keep her hands warm while scooting. She also wants leg-warmers and neck-warmer, please don’t mention to her any other warmers, because she’ll want one for herself.

String with spiders on the both ends to tie my Halloween spider-web cape.