October 2010

I decided to persevere with the  knitting of the hat, because I know I can do it and once it is done I can knit something else out of  the 246 wonderful knitting patterns already in my Ravelry queue.  The hardest part will be choosing what to knit next.  I don’t have cable needles, so am using double-pointed one of the same size to do the cables – kind of awkward, but I suspect that I wouldn’t feel all that more comfortable even with the cable needle as this is my first attempt at cables.  However if I get through it, I’ll gift myself some cable needles so I can do Georgie Hallam’s Milo – maybe three of them in matching yarn in 4 year old, 3 months old and doll sizes.

The solution to my ever growing Ravelry queue seem to be to add more crochet patterns as I managed to get two crochet items started and finished in a very short time.

Wristies for my daughter to keep her hands warm while scooting. She also wants leg-warmers and neck-warmer, please don’t mention to her any other warmers, because she’ll want one for herself.

String with spiders on the both ends to tie my Halloween spider-web cape.


The highest temperature yesterday was only 9 (NINE!) degrees.  I made a mistake of deciding not to wear my winter coat and came back home totally frozen.  On the upside I got to wear the beautiful super-warm green neckwarmer Stagasaurus sent me as part of her swap package.

Mobius cowl

Mobius cowl

My daughter stays up later in summers while the days are longer and in the last few months the choice seemed to be between blogging or making; and I kept on choosing the making. Hopefully I’ll be able find some time to write again until the next summer comes along and the shift in sleeping patterns will repeat itself narrowing the amount of time I get to myself.

Wet-felted Toy Balls
I know few new babies and there are few more coming next year and therefore I have a new mission to make some handmade baby presents. Yesterday, while stuck at home with a sick toddler & both of us overtired and grumpy, we tried making some wet-felted balls. If you are acquainted with any toddlers, you’ll know that playing with water, soap and wool equals to lots of fun. We managed to make two balls and to increase the output I’m planning to pre-felt some more on my own out of undyed wool to be decorated by us together. I need to make at least four more.

Doll's Hat
I’m debating about whether I should continue to knit. I keep on adding new patterns to my Ravelry queue, but I’m a very slow and not very good knitter. For example, I want to knit a hat for myself out of the gorgeous Araucania Ranco Multy yarn Stagasaurus sent me in a swap. I knitted a sample dolls hat as my gauge swatch, I choose the pattern and now I’m stuck because I keep on making silly mistakes in the same three simple rows and keep on having to re-knit them. So should I persevere and improve or should I give it up for now and concentrate on the crafts that are more familiar and therefore produce faster results (I’m sure I can crochet a hat in few evenings)?